What Changed?

What you need: nothing

How to win: The student who notices the most changes in the room wins.

How to play:¬†Ask your students who pays really well to attention. Ask something like, “Who here is a really good detective? Who notices things?” Pick 3-4 students and give 5 seconds to look around the room and notice the details. Have the students go to another room with an adult where they cannot hear you or anything going on in the room. Explain to the remaining students they have 30 seconds to re-arrange anything in the room. They can swap seats, move around props, switch shoes with someone else (if they dare!)…you get the picture.

Have each student who left the room come back in by themselves. The object of the game is for each student to name as many things that have changed in the room as possible. Keep count of each change the notice. After each child has come in and made their observations, the one who names the most changes wins.

End game: the children now have 30 seconds to put everything back in place!

Click here for the game graphic.