Grab that Chicken!

What you need: a rubber chicken (or another random object)

How to win: The first team to grab the chicken 10 times wins.

How to play:

Split your students up into two teams of the same number if possible (if teams are uneven, throw in some volunteers to even out). Have each team stand in a line shoulder to shoulder facing each other with about 15 feet between the two groups. Each team member will be assigned a number that’s the same as the player standing directly across from them. For example, the first player on Team A will be number 1 and the first player on team B will be number 1. The second player on team A will be number 2 and the second player on Team B will be number 2, etc.

You will then place the rubber chicken in the middle of the two groups – make sure it’s the same distance from each group, otherwise they will definitely let you know it’s not! You will then shout out a number and each team member with that number will run and try to be the first to grab the chicken. For example, if you shout “6!”, the #6 player from Team A will race to grab the chicken against #6 from Team B. Each time a team grabs the chicken first they get a point. The team who reaches 10 points first wins.