Hula Hoop Walk

What you need: upbeat music, 5-6 hula hoops (amount will vary depending on size of room and number of children playing.)

How to win: Be one of the last three to jump in a hula hoop.

How to play: Spread out the hula hoops on the floor throughout the room. When the music starts, the children start walking around the room. Once the music stops, they must walk quickly to the nearest hula hoop.  The first three to jump in a hula hoop are safe; everyone else must sit down. For each round, remove a hula hoop and spread out the hula hoops as the group gets smaller. The three students to be standing in the last hula hoop wins.

Tip: Have volunteers act as “refs” and stand by each hula hoop if possible. Make sure they do not hover around a hula hoop or do not step in a hula hoop while the music is playing.