What you need: a Twister board game

How to win: The first team to cross the finish line wins.

How to play:

This game can be played with as many kids as you want, split up into 4 teams. (4: one for each color on the mat). Try to make the teams as evenly as possible.


To play, the teams must start at the same starting point and muss cross a finish line to win – this can be set by cones, tape on the carpet, etc.

Have a teacher spin the

color spinner. The team whose color the spinner stops on may take one step forward. The first team to cross all their

players to the other side wins.

TIP: You can also use tokens of all four colors in a bowl that you draw to decide which color goes next. This eliminates

spinning, which can get hard on the fingers after a while (and takes longer than drawing tokens).

Click here for the game graphic.